Sibley Senior Spotlight: Jeyca Maldonado-Medina
Sibley Senior Spotlight: Jeyca Maldonado-Medina
Posted on 05/01/2015

The Senior Spotlight series features interviews with Sibley seniors who have shown commitment to academic excellence and personal achievement. The series will highlight two seniors each week until graduation.

Jeyca Maldonado-Medina

Senior Jeyca Maldonado-Medina

Daughter of Xiomara Medina and Jorge Carassco, from Eagan

During her four years at Henry Sibley, Jeyca has participated in drama club, Anglos Latinos Motivated to Succeed (ALMAS), choir, orchestra, and Fiddles and Friends. As a junior, Jeyca was named best supporting actress for the spring musical In the Heights. As a senior, Jeyca wrote and directed the one-act play "Hipsterella." 

“It was an amazing experience,” said Jeyca. “Being able to take my ideas and make them come to life on a stage was amazing and I bonded with my spectacular cast.”

Jeyca has been playing violin since fifth grade and credits orchestra with instilling in her a love of music.

“It has also taught me that the best things come from the hardest work and from working together with others,” she added.

Along with her time dedicated to fine arts, Jeyca has also taken several Advanced Placement (AP) courses, including Biology, Language and Composition, Psychology, Statistics and Physics. Jeyca previously attended Garlough Elementary School and Friendly Hills Middle School.

Jeyca will attend the University of Minnesota-Duluth in the fall, pursuing a major in English. She plans to continue to participate in drama and orchestra while in college.

District 197: How has Sibley prepared you to succeed after graduation?
Jeyca: I feel like going to Sibley has prepared me to succeed because I have always been surrounded by others who want to succeed. I have so many friends who are always working hard and achieving amazing things, and I want to be able to do the same.

Who is your favorite teacher or what is your favorite subject at Sibley?
I'm stuck between two teachers; Mr. (Glenn) Skov and Mrs. (Kelly) Smalstig. Mr. Skov was my Advanced World Literature teacher and the class focused heavily on being able to analyze literature and write proficiently. Mr. Skov challenged me to really look closer at literature and find details and connections I never thought possible. My academic writing improved so much because of him and he further instilled in me a love of literature.

Mrs. Smalstig helped me improve my creative writing. I took her creative writing class my junior year and it was amazing. She challenged me to accept the fact that what I write won't always be perfect the first time around and that's totally okay. I wrote my one act play in her class. She really helped me mold and improve it.

What’s a memory from your time at Sibley that will always stay with you?
Opening night of the one acts. I was nervous beyond belief because after months of rehearsal people were finally going to see my play, the one I'd been working on for months. When it was finally time, everything went perfectly and the play got tons of laughs. I was so proud of my cast and myself. It was a feeling unlike any other.

What advice do you have for younger students about high school?
My advice to younger students is get involved. I didn't join drama until my junior year and I wish I would have started earlier. Join something you have interest in, be yourself and you'll be surprised at how quickly you'll make friends. As for classes I'd say take what interests you and don't be afraid to challenge yourself. I'm currently taking four AP classes and two music classes--and I'm still alive. It's completely doable as long as you're willing to put forth the effort.

Anything else you’d like to share about your time at Sibley?
My time at Sibley has shaped me as a person and I'm leaving a stronger person than I was before. I've made friends who I know I will talk to for the rest of my life. I've had amazing teachers who have inspired me to keep doing what I love and to always work hard.

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