Meet the School Board's Student Representative
Meet the School Board's new Student Representative
Posted on 09/11/2014


(From left, Superintendent Dr. Nancy Allen-Mastro, Adrian Rocke, School Board Chair Mark Spurr

During the 2014-15 school year, Henry Sibley senior Adrian Rocke will be joining the District 197 School Board by serving as the Board’s Student Representative. A dedicated musician, Adrian plays cello in the Sibley orchestra and also lends his voice to the choir. Along with representing his peers on the School Board, Adrian will also captain the math team during his senior year.

We asked Adrian a few questions about his involvement with the School Board and his future plans.

District 197: Why were you interested in being the student representative to the school board?

Adrian: I’m planning on becoming a music teacher and wanted to get a sense of the bigger picture, how a school district works. As a teacher I’ll be focusing on music specifically, but I wanted to learn how school administration all fits together, and gain an appreciation of the complexity.

District 197: What are you hoping to learn on the School Board?

Adrian: I’m looking forward to learning more about the inner workings of the District and district wide decisions. I don’t think we, as students, understand the complexity of the District.

District 197: What was an influential experience or teacher you’ve had during your time at District 197?

Adrian: (Former Sibley orchestra director) Amanda Czepa was very influential. She got me started on music education and gave me the opportunities to succeed.

District 197: Plans for after graduation?

Adrian: I’m planning to attend the University of Northwestern in St. Paul for Music Education.

District 197: How do you hope to apply what you learn from the School Board to your post-graduation experience?

Adrian: It’s kind of a consultant arrangement. I want to learn how to work with people in a way that is beneficial for everyone.