Fee for Transportation Service
Fee for Transportation Services


  • Full Year = $235 per year, per student
  • Seasonal = $117 per year, per student
  • Family cap = $470

Families receiving free or reduced-price services can request this service and receive a 50% fee waiver ($117 per year per student or $58 per student seasonal, family cap of $235).

Forms and payment must be received by August 1. Forms received after August 1 will be put on hold and students will be placed on a route on a space available basis. Space availability may not be known until after the first two weeks of school.

Please note: Once forms and payment are submitted, refunds will not be issued if students do not use the transportation service. 

Postcards with bus information will be mailed to homes in late August (October for seasonal riders). If you have questions about the Fee for Transportation option, please call Transportation at 651-403-8320. 

Complete one form per child.

Student ID#: (if applicable)

*Student First and Last Name:
Birth Date:
*Parent/Guardian Name:
*Primary Phone:
 Secondary Phone:
*Student address:
When the student rides the bus:

AM Route Only

PM Route Only

AM & PM Both

Select Service Option:

 Full Year

 Seasonal (Nov. 15 - April 15.)

Daycare Information (complete if applicable)
Daycare Provider's Name:
This address is for transportation for:




Free or Reduced Fee Services (complete if applicable)

 Yes, school officials may use the meal eligibility information for the child listed above to receive a 50% waiver for busing fees. I give up my rights to confidentiality only for the purpose of receiving busing. I certify that I am the parent/legal guardian of the child listed above.

Parent or Guardian Signature

By checking this box, I understand that school bus transportation service, in excess of state–mandated guidelines, carries a fee. I also understand that by registering my student for transportation services I agree that my child will comply with District transportation policies and procedures, which can be found on the district website (www.isd197.org) under District – School Board – Policy Manual (policies 707, 708, 709).  There will be no refund if a student is suspended from riding privileges for discipline infractions, or in the event the service is not fully utilized.

Additional Information:

Please mail payment to District Transportation, 1145 Medallion Drive, Mendota Heights, MN 55120.

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