Resources for Parents
This document is designed to be a helpful guide for parents/guardians as they prepare their child for elementary school. Below are skills for you to work on with your child before they start kindergarten to help them to be successful. All children are unique with different levels of ability, rates of development, and learning styles. We do not expect mastery of these skills to enter kindergarten, but the more secure children are in these skills, the greater the likelihood of their success!


  • Tell your child how happy you are that he or she is growing up and can do things for him/herself. Share your excitement about kindergarten.

  • Pause for a moment when you child asks you a question. Say, "What do YOU think an answer or solution might be?" Encourage your child to be a "good" problem solver.

  • Visit your child's school during the summer. Play on the playground. Talk about the many things your child will do in kindergarten. Point out that "this will be YOUR school."

  • Teach your child to check with you or with a teacher if they do not understand something.

  • Provide quiet places to work and play. Your child will experience active and quiet listening times in kindergarten.

  • Tell your child what the rules are, what you expect of him/her, and why, especially before you go into a new situation. For example, "At Grandma's house, the rule is that you may not run in the house because Grandma is afraid you will fall and get hurt. If you need to run, tell me, and I'll take you outside." Let your child know that every place has its rules.

  • Make a game out of counting things. For example, count how many bites it takes to eat a sandwich or how many steps it takes to get from the car to the house.

  • Start labeling all of your child's clothing.