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Non-Resident Transportation Registration Form 2021-2022

This form must be completed every school year in order to use an existing bus stop.

When students are approved to attend a School District 197 school, transportation may be provided under the following conditions:

  • The student has registered for transportation online at (www.isd197.org/services/transportation) during the time of enrollment at their school or a paper/electronic form that is mailed to the transportation department. The student’s residence must be located outside the district walk area guidelines.
  • Students must utilize an existing stop on an established bus route (The stop location could be a mile or more inside our district boundary). No rerouting of the bus will be provided.
  • There must be an open available seat on the bus to transport all students safely.
  • Starting August 1, all students that reside within the district boundary and have registered for a bus, will be assigned a bus route. Any available seats will then be assigned to registered non-resident students in the order their registration was received.
  • It is the parent/ guardian’s responsibility to provide for their student’s safety while traveling to and from their assigned bus stop.
  • All students grades K-12 will be dropped off at their stop location whether or not parents/guardians are present (parents should be at the stop 5 minutes in advance of the scheduled time and wait at the stop until the bus arrives.)
Daycare Information
Please complete if applicable, otherwise leave this section blank and submit form
By clicking submit, as the parent/guardian, I agree that I am responsible to provide for my child’s (or my own) safety while going to and from the District 197 bus stop prior to boarding and after disembarking from the bus.  Guidelines for Classification and Services for Hazardous Crossing, does not apply to travel to and/ or from the designated bus stop. By registering for transportation services you are agreeing to comply with our policies (707,708 & 709) and procedures, which can be found on the district website at www.isd197.org/schoolboard/policies.