EmPowerED students...

  • Have equitable access to learning tools across all grades/schools
  • Graduate with the 21st century skills needed for college and careers including
    • creativity and innovation
    • critical thinking and problem solving
    • communication and collaboration
    • information literacy
    • flexibility and adaptability
    • initiative and self-direction
  • Have a degree of choice about what is learned, when it is learned and how it is learned based on how they learn best. 

EmPowerED teachers...
  • Operate in an environment that encourages teachers to be innovative and supports taking instructional risks.
  • Have participated in a minimum of 10 hours of professional development to develop a high degree of confidence in using technology in the classroom.
  • Implement common, highly-effective instructional strategies to transform learning through technology and other non-traditional media.
  • Personalize learning by adjusting the pace (individualization), adjusting the approach (differentiation), and connecting to the learner's interests and experiences.

An EmPowerED School District...

  • Demonstrates how technology use has a positive impact on student achievement and growth.
  • Demonstrates to the community that we are responsible stewards of our financial resources.
  • Informs stakeholders about our outcomes, processes and practices as directed by the strategic framework.
  • Is recognized for its innovative practices.