Facilities Planning

The District 197 School Board is currently in the process of completing a comprehensive, district-wide study of facilities. While many needs were identified through a 2016 assessment (below), the board conducted a visioning and information-gathering stage of the study.

In the spring of 2017, the school board assembled a Facilities Task Force of parents, community members, teachers, board members and administrators to study facilities more closely. The group met from March-November. More information about the Task Force is posted below. Meeting documents are also posted below.

The District worked with Lawal, Scott and Ericson (LSE) to facilitate the Task Force.

Questions regarding facilities or the task force may be sent to facilities@isd197.org.



John Chandler
Greg Munson
Cari Jo Drewitz Peter Olson-Skog
Marcy Doud Erica Ramisch
Mark Fortman Jennifer Roble
Steve Goldade Gloria Rojas
Lisa Grathen Dave Schilling
Phil Hinze Brian Schultz
Prentice Smith Angela Shepard 
Alana Lucio-Thomas Terry Stamman
Joanne Mansur
Laurie Tostrud 
Ron Monson Dean Verdoes