ACT Prep

New Students

ACT Prep Classes are offered through Youth Enrichment with Advantage Educational Programs. Students in grades 10-12 can register for the ACT Prep classes. Click to register.

In-Person ACT Preparatory Course

This course consists of four, three-hour classes that meet one day each week at Two Rivers High School. The course includes diagnostic testing, instruction in time management, overcoming test anxiety, science reasoning, English strategies and review, essay writing, reading comprehension, and math strategies and review. Students enrolled in these classes not only benefit from personal instruction taught by our experienced instructors, but also have free access to our online course. Students who complete a course may repeat the course as often as they wish, free of charge using the online version. The fee for this course is $180, with all class materials included.

Virtual ACT Prep Class

This course is an excellent alternative for any student unable to attend an in-school class, but still prefers the interaction with one of the Advantage Educational Programs' instructors. The Virtual ACT Prep Course is the same as the In-School ACT Prep Course, but from the comfort of your own home. The instructors teach live via virtual classroom and are available to answer questions if needed. The fee for this course is $180 and the only things you need are an internet connection and a computer/tablet/smart phone. Instructions will be sent to you via email a few days before the course begins. 

Online ACT Preparatory Course 

This course is an excellent alternative for students unable to attend in-person classes or for those who prefer to prepare on their own, studying at their desired pace. The online course uses Google Classroom via instructors' videos, voice-overs, illustrations, and slides that guide you through the testing areas of the ACT. Online students are able to communicate with the instructor with questions or concerns.  The course is equivalent to the 12 hour classroom time. The fee for this course is $90. Students may repeat the course at no charge until you graduate from high school.

Repeating Students

Student may repeat the course, using the online version at no additional cost. Go to and click ‘REGISTRATIONS.’ Click the link for ‘Students Repeating the ACT Course’. Advantage Plus will send a code to access the online version of the ACT Prep class. 

Please let us know if you have any questions!