Travel Guidance

School District 197 cannot monitor the travel and activities of families and staff. We can make you aware of current recommendations by state and national public health agencies and urge you to abide by their recommendations and the protocols that help prevent the spread of COVID-19, whether you are away or at home. Our primary focus is the safety of students and staff and to preserve the levels of in-person learning and activities in place as allowed by current COVID conditions.

Here are key points of information:

  • The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) highly discourages out-of-state travel.
  • The MDH recommends a 14-day quarantine upon return to the state
  • The MDH recommends being tested 3-5 days after return to the state. (Here is a link to order no cost adult and child COVID-19 Test at Home)
  • As of Jan. 26, 2021, the CDC requires all air passengers, including U.S. citizens arriving in the United States from a foreign country to be tested no more than 3 days before their flight departs. Travelers must provide proof of a negative test result or documentation of having recovered from COVID-19 before boarding the flight.

Does the district require a 14-day quarantine after travel?

When families or staff elect to travel, they must decide if their activity adhered to COVID mitigation protocols such that they will not risk exposing other students or staff by returning immediately, against the MDH recommendation to quarantine.

Again, the district cannot monitor these behaviors and must rely on returning students and staff to act responsibility and in the best interest of those around them. Only you can answer the question “should I quarantine before returning?”

Ask yourself these questions which are based on the MDH/CDC recommendations:

  • Was I able to maintain 6 feet of distance from anyone who did not travel with me, both indoors and outdoors?
  • Did I wear a mask covering my mouth and nose when in shared spaces, including public transportation
  • If you shared a household or space with others from outside of your own household, did you and they wear masks when in shared spaces?
  • Did you practice safe hand hygiene, washing often with soap and water or hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol?
  • Was I around anyone who had symptoms of COVID-19 or was quarantining due to exposure or a positive test?

Students/staff SHOULD NOT return if:

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