Semester 2 Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs to fill out the change form?

Families should only fill out the change form if they want to change their student’s learning option for Semester 2 (January 27-June 9).
The options are:

  • Option #1: This is the format based on local data, which may include in-person, hybrid, or distance learning and may vary over the course of the semester.
  • Option #2: This is the format that provides full-time distance learning with NO in-person learning.

What if I change to Option #1, which is the format based on local data (in-person, hybrid, distance)?
Your child will attend their assigned school in the district learning model. 

  • School District 197 is currently in the distance learning model. 

  • The learning model could change based on lower or higher COVID-19 infection rates and other factors related to staffing, illness, and classroom space.

  • District learning models could include in-person learning for all students, distance learning at home, or hybrid learning (a combination of both).

Please note that teacher assignments are not guaranteed.

  • Students in K-4 who change to Option #1 could have a new classroom teacher

  • The schedules of students in grades 5-12 may change in order to accommodate classroom capacity.

What if I change to Option #2, the full-time distance learning model? 
Your child will be engaged in full-time distance learning throughout Semester 2, even if the district shifts to another learning model. 

  • Your child will still be enrolled in their assigned school.

  • In grades K-4, your child will be assigned to a full-time distance learning class with other students that chose this model.

  • In grades 5-12, your child will be assigned their full-time distance learning classes where possible. When not possible, they will be in a class with students from both Option #1 and Option #2. 

Can I change learning models after the deadline? 
Students who are in Option #2 for Semester 2 are committed to staying in that option for the full semester. Students who are in Option #1 always have the option to move to full-time distance learning.

What if I do nothing? 
If you do not complete the change form, your student will remain in the learning option they were in during Semester 1.

If I don’t change my student’s learning option, is it possible my child’s class/teacher may change?  
Principals and teachers will do their best to maintain consistency for students as much as possible during this transition.

If we transition back to Hybrid would grade levels be phased back in or all come back at once?
That’s a school board decision that has yet to be determined and will depend upon a number of factors.

If I switch my student’s learning option, is it possible my child will have a different teacher?

How are students assigned to Group A and Group B in Option #1?

  • Group A: Last name A-K
  • Group B: Last name L-Z