Bus Registration

Important transportation updates, including new processes for the 2024-2025 school year are found below. 

To register your child for bus transportation, select "Bus Registration Forms" in Transportation Resources below.

Bus transportation is available to:

  • Elementary school students (grades K-4) who live more than 0.75 miles from school 

  • Middle school students (grades 5-8) who live more than 1 mile from school 

  • High school students (grades 9-12) who live more than 2 miles from school

  • We also offer a pay to ride option for families living in the walk area, fees are located on the transportation web site.

Who needs to register for the bus?

  • All students new to the district

  • All previously registered students who have had an address change or daycare change

  • All non-public school students

  • All new out of district open enrolled students.


  • All grade levels will be rolled forward to the new year and will not have to register again.

  • Only new students to the district or students that have had an address change or have never registered to ride before will need to register.

  • All registered students will be sent a card in June 2024 that tells them what we have for registration information currently.

  • Transportation will get all Inter-district transfer students from district registration in June

  • All pay to ride students will be rolled over. If payment is not received by August 1 they will be removed from transportation.

  • Out of district open enrolled students do not need to register if they were registered for the 2023-2024 school year.

  • Families will receive notification if they live in the walk area and are eligible to pay for transportation for 24-25 school year. This will be in early July.

Notes on the Registration Process:

  • Students will not be listed for bus service in the fall unless the Transportation Office receives a completed registration form on or before August 1.

  • Forms received after August 1 will be put on hold. Students may not have bus service until the third week of school or may be transported home by van.

  • Please only register for service when you are sure your child will be riding a bus. Complete one form per child. 

  • If your student does not ride the bus for 10 consecutive days, your child will be removed from his/her bus route. To reactivate your student’s bus stop, please re-register again. We can optimize school bus route planning if we know which students will actually ride.

  • Postcards with bus information will be mailed August 21st. 

  • Please download the My Ride K12 app where you will be able to find bus information. You may also use this app to track your student's bus.

  • If you receive a bus card and your student will not be using transportation please send an email to transportation@isd197.org so that we can remove them from the bus list.

  • By registering your student for transportation services you are agreeing to comply with our transportation policies and procedures. The transportation policies can be found on the School District 197 website under School Board – Policy Manual (policies 707, 708, 709). Please note, all students (grades K-12) are dropped off at their stop location regardless of whether or not a parent/guardian is present. Parents should be at the stop 5 minutes in advance of the scheduled time and wait at the stop until the bus arrives. If you have questions, please call Transportation at 651-403-8320. 

Mobile App Information
The Transportation Department send messages and alerts through the My Ride K-12  mobile app. Parents and students can access their bus stop location, route, and pick up time on My Ride K-12.  Details found below under My Ride K-12 Mobile App tab.

Please note that the Here Comes the Bus App is still available to use and a great tool for tracking the real-time location of your student's bus. Details found below under Here Comes the Bus Mobile App tab.

Transportation Resources


School District 197 Transportation Department 
1145 Medallion Drive 
Mendota Heights, MN 55120 
651-403-8324 - Español