Group of Young Students

Andreanna Sontoya
Enrollment Coordinator

Due to COVID 19, to enroll your child in School District 197 for the 2020-2021 school year, all enrollment forms will be done via email or US Mail. Please contact Andreanna Sontoya, the district's enrollment coordinator at enrollment@isd197.org. Please see below for resident enrollment forms. When completed, email the forms to at enrollment@isd197.org. Please be prepared to provide the following documents to help complete your child's enrollment.  

  • Your child's birth certificate or another form of government-issued proof of age and date of birth
  • Residency Verification: Please provide a document that shows the name and address of the parent/guardian or other person having legal custody of the student.
    • Acceptable verification documents are: current purchase/lease agreement (signed and dated), current property tax statement, current student loan statement, current payroll statement, current bank statement
    • Secondary Proof of Residency: current federal/state/county benefits statement, current healthcare bill, current major utility bill (Xcel Energy or water bill), confirmation letter of change of address with USPS
    • Not Accepted for Proof of Residency: updated driver’s license, cell phone bills, cable bills, sanitation bills, department store/credit card bills
  • A copy of your child's immunization records

For questions on enrollment, please contact Andreanna Sontoya at enrollment@isd197.org or 651-403-7030.

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