Safe Learning Plan

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Summary of Public Input on the Safe Learning Plan

Public input on our safe learning plan has been gathered through a variety of methods and forums.  

School Board
The school board conducts a monthly listening session prior to its first meeting of the month and a public comment session prior to the second meeting of the month. The board also closely monitors feedback received through the email address along with each of the board members individual emails.  During the development of the various iterations of our Safe Learning Plans, the administration would share the plans with our community in a draft stage prior to sharing with the board.  This generated important community feedback for the board to consider as they approved plans.

In addition to reviewing and considering all input sent to the board, the district administration convened regular design team/feedback meetings with staff serving in a variety of roles.  During these meetings, the feedback from the community was shared.  Additionally, the design team members were charged with gathering and considering feedback from their sites and programs as we developed our safe learning plan.

Teaching and Support Staff
In that vein, the feedback (formal and informal) families provided to their classroom teachers and school/program staff was critical throughout our collective COVID journey.  The staff took this feedback very seriously and made both small and large changes to how they supported students as a result.

Strategic Framework and Community Surveys 
Right before the onset of the COVID pandemic, the district completed an extensive community input process to inform the development of a new strategic framework.  This framework, along with regular community-wide surveys grounded all the plans that were subsequently developed.  

Themes in the Public Comment
While specific suggestions varied significantly from person to person, here are the primary themes we heard.

  • The critical importance of the health and safety of our students, staff, and community
  • Health and safety are complex, requiring the need to balance physical health with social and emotional health.
  • Regardless of the learning model, connections and learning needed to continue.
  • Consistency with flexibility for families
  • Appreciation for our staff and all the work they put into adapting to the ever-changing situation (for which we say thank you!)

Ongoing Public Comment

The district welcomes ongoing public comment.  If you would like to comment on our plan, please email