Our Equity Commitment clone

School District 197 is committed to caring relationships, equitable practices, and high achievement for all.

Our commitment to equity is stated directly in our Strategic Framework, and we build on that commitment every day.

Our Equity Commitment: School District 197 is committed to equitable opportunities and equitable outcomes for all members of our school district community, including students, families, and staff. We believe this commitment is essential to students’ academic, social, and collective growth.

We Acknowledge: School District 197 is on an equity journey. While there has been work done previously, and some progress has been made, there remains much to do. We are committed to continuing to learn, admitting we don’t have all of the answers, and seeking to understand all voices and lived experiences.

What does equity mean to us?

Equity means each student and staff member—regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, disability, language status, religious affiliation, gender identity, and sexual orientation—will have access to the opportunities, resources, and support they need to imagine, nurture, and achieve their dreams.

Why is equity important to us?

We believe educational equity benefits everyone and prepares all students to thrive in a diverse local, national, and global community. Every child deserves equitable access, opportunity, and support in their academic, social, and emotional journey. We want to make our schools safe, welcoming places for all students, staff members, and families, where they feel honored and valued and are encouraged to be critical thinkers and active participants in the world around them.

“High achievement for all starts with equity. All students need to feel safe, trusted, and affirmed in order to thrive.”
- Peter Mau, Assistant Superintendent

“As a queer educator, it means the world to me that School District 197 schools are making genuine, intentional efforts to ensure our queer students, staff, and families are safe and supported in our schools. These efforts are not in vain—when students, families, and staff feel safe and supported, we all thrive.” - Kelli Walters, Early Childhood Special Education Lead Teacher

What Equity Looks Like In School District 197

A non-exhaustive list of our district equity initiatives, programs, learning tools, and school-based groups.

"Equity is important in the classroom because it lays the foundation for quality learning. If kids feel included, represented, and safe in the classroom, they will have the tools necessary to learn and grow with the people around them." - Raul Vaz, Two Rivers High School Student


A partial list of district, community and national resources for students and families.

“Equity to me is making sure that every student in our school is able to have the resources and support they need to continue their educational pathway.” - Nawal Hassan, Two Rivers High School Student