Questions + Concerns

Process for Questions, Concerns and Feedback

School District 197 strives to address your questions and concerns quickly and effectively. We have developed a communications protocol to encourage direct, open, and respectful interactions in order to efficiently work through questions and concerns while also providing an opportunity to provide feedback.

Please follow the communication steps below to ensure that you are contacting the individual in our school district who can best answer your questions or address your concerns. You will likely get a quicker and more thorough response by starting with the person closest to the situation (typically the person identified in Step 1 below). Thank you!


School Contact Information

Contacting the School Board

Board members' contact information is posted on the School Board Members page.

School District 197 Administration vs. School Board

It is the School Board’s role—with direction from the community—to set policy, develop clear expectations for results, and to evaluate progress. The district leadership team, led by the Superintendent, carries out the district’s daily operations in alignment with board policies and expectations. This allows the board to maintain a system-wide focus and supports an appropriate distinction between policy and administration.

West St. Paul-Mendota Heights-Eagan Area Schools (School District 197)
District Office

1897 Delaware Ave.
Mendota Heights, MN 55118

Phone: 651-403-7000


Activities Director: Prentice Smith,, 651-403-7201

Communications and Marketing Manager: Sara Blair,, 651-403-7008

Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment: Cari Jo Drewitz,, 651-403-7003

Director of Operations: Mark Fortman,, 651-403-7326

Director of Special Services: Sara Lein,, 651-403-7019

Director of Technology: Dave Sandum,, 651-403-7360

Director of Community Education: Lisa Grathen,, 651-403-8521

Child Nutrition Director: Jeff Wolfer,, 651-403-7321

Asst. Superintendent: Peter Mau,, 651-403-7004

Superintendent: Peter Olson-Skog,, 651-403-7002