CAPS Design Challenge

September 2023

Thursday, September 7th, in partnership with Reve Academy, TriDistrict CAPS students from all four CAPS programs converged at Evolve Workplace in West St. Paul for a "crash course" in Design Thinking/Human Centered Design (DT/HCD). DT/HCD are problem-solving constructs that CAPS students use to put the user/consumer/client at the center of the design solution, helping our students develop solutions with the client, rather than for the client.  

On Friday, Sept. 8, in collaboration with Reve Academy, Reve Consulting, the River Heights Chamber of Commerce, and the Dakota County Regional Chamber of Commerce, TriDistrict CAPS brought in business partners that had a "design challenge" or problem they'd like some help solving. TriDistrict partners, the DCR Chamber, DARTS, Neighbors, Inc., Minnesota Energy Resources, and SKB Environmental, all came to TriDistrict for help and the unique perspectives students could bring to their problem.  

Students and our partners then spent the afternoon on Friday, working through the Human Centered Design Process to develop unique and innovative solutions for our business partners. Students then used class time on Monday and Tuesday, working with their TriDistrict CAPS instructors, to refine their solutions and develop a presentation and list of proposals for our partners and presented directly to them on Tuesday, September 12. 

Contributed by 
Ben Kusch Director | TriDistrict CAPS
Lead Designer | TriDistrict Career and College Readiness Initiative