District Dispatch Spring 2023

Published April 2023

From the Superintendent

When I think about what makes me proud of our district, I always return to our strategic framework. In classrooms across our 10 schools and programs, you’ll see our commitment to caring relationships, equitable practices, and high achievement for all in action every day.

Our commitment to caring relationships is grounded in the fact that we are a small community in a large metro area. Yet we are large enough to offer various opportunities for our students to meet their passions, interests, and needs. When we hold ourselves accountable for removing barriers and creating equitable systems and pair those efforts with caring relationships, high achievement for all is possible. And it shows in annual statewide test results—School District 197 continues to perform the best in reading and science out of 9 comparable districts.

I’m also proud that our district is leading the way in understanding the importance of skills beyond the strictly academic. We know a student’s long-term success requires leadership, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence. We have and will continue to develop programming that equips students in all of those areas.

In this issue of District Dispatch, we’re taking a closer look at the curriculum and programs that make our district unique and special. From our TriDistrict CAPS program to our elementary reading intervention program—we’re proud of the innovative, evidence-based programming we’re able to provide our students, so they are successful when they leave our school setting.

Thank you for your partnership as we nurture, inspire, and prepare every student in our district.

Peter Olson-Skog

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