Dollars for Scholars: A Legacy of Supporting Students

Published July 2023

Dollars for Scholars is a national organization that mobilizes community resources to provide scholarships and financial assistance to high school students

pursuing post-graduate training and education. Led by a passionate team of volunteers, our local Dollars for Scholars program has been instrumental in bridging the gap between academic aspirations and financial barriers. Through fundraising initiatives, community partnerships, and generous donations, Dollars for Scholars has raised substantial funds to award scholarships to thousands of School District 197 students.

At Two Rivers High School, Jennifer Lutz has been leading our local Dollars for Scholars for the last 12 years. During Jennifer’s tenure, she has helped raise more than $1 million to award to nearly 1,500 Two Rivers and Henry Sibley scholarship recipients. As Jennifer steps down as President of the Two Rivers Dollars for Scholars program, please join us in thanking her for her incredible contributions to our school community.