Energy Efficient and Healthy Schools Award

Published July 2023

On June 28, School District 197 was recognized as a 2023 Energy Efficient and Healthy Schools award winner by the Department of Energy, the

Environmental Protection Agency, and the Department of Education. The award recognizes schools and districts for planning efforts and for outstanding implementation of solutions to improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and support healthy learning environments. Here are a few examples of our district sustainability platform in action: • Implemented energy-efficient solutions as part of recent bond projects, achieving top 5% energy efficiency amongst schools nationwide—from installing high-efficiency condensing boilers and automated HVAC systems to completely offsetting our electric use through on-site and community solar generation. • Installed solar panels on five school buildings and one solar thermal on top of the Aquatic Center that generates the primary heat source for the pool. • Partnered with Great River Greening to plant more native grasses and wildflowers across the district. This year, more than 5,000 native plant plugs were planted at Two Rivers and Garlough with their help. • Runs LiveGreen, the district’s sustainability program that promotes energy saving, recycling, and other green initiatives. Each school in the district has a LiveGreen team that consists of students and a teacher. These teams help support low-cost or no-cost energy efficiency strategies to reduce energy, promote recycling and composting, and focus on conserving resources.

Special thanks to our LiveGreen team and community partners for helping in our energy efficiency and sustainability efforts!