Middle School Career Fair

Published July 2023

Guiding students to reach their full potential and exposing them to the endless possibilities in their future is something we strive for at School District 197. This school year, the district’s curriculum department hosted its first-ever Middle School Career Fair for seventh and eighth-graders at Friendly Hills Middle School and Heritage E-STEM Magnet School. Middle schoolers rotated between breakout sessions, mock interviews, and a college panel–all presented by local community leaders, businesses, and students.

We talked with a few middle schoolers after the event, and they shared that the real-life advice from college-aged young adults was appreciated,

and their favorite part was the mock interview experience. “I really liked the advice from the college and high schoolers on the panel. They were talking about good study habits, expectations in high school and college, and how to balance it all. They have real-life examples of success and learning opportunities.” – Esther, 8th grade, Friendly Hills (and now an incoming 9th grader at Two Rivers)

A special thank you to our Two Rivers High School student volunteers, college students, local businesses, and community members for your time and inspiration!