Warrior Alum Profile: Mason Young

Published July 2023

Mason Young, an alum of School District 197, has come full circle in his educational journey—returning as a teacher and wrestling coach in the district that helped shape him.

Meet Mason Young, the At-Promise Coordinator at Heritage E-STEM Magnet School and wrestling coach at Two Rivers High School. During his time as a student in School District 197, Mason attended Somerset Elementary and Heritage E-STEM Magnet School before graduating from Henry Sibley (now Two Rivers). Reflecting on his high school experience, Mason remembers the invaluable guidance of the teachers—many of whom continue to impact students’ lives positively today. He attributes his success to the connections he forged through sports, which instilled valuable life lessons and propelled him toward his current achievements. Now as a staff member at Heritage, Mason serves as the At-Promise Coordinator—a role that allows him to work closely with students facing academic or behavioral challenges. As an advocate for these students, he provides guidance and support, empowering them to overcome obstacles and thrive in their education.

"What makes our district great is the people who work in it. Heritage is a great example of that. My coworkers always consider the student’s best interests above all else.”

"Many teachers still working in the district today helped me through high school. I truly believe all the connections I’ve made through sports and the lessons they taught is why I was successful.”

One of Mason’s ideas that have found success at Heritage is Power Hour—a before-school program at Heritage that offers students a safe space to release stress and energy while engaging in sports and weight room basics. Since its start in the 2022-2023 school year, Power Hour has experienced growth and popularity among students. Starting with just five participants in the first two weeks, the program quickly gained traction and attracted more students. By December, Power Hour had reached its maximum capacity with 32 participants. The impact of Power Hour on students has been significant, Mason shares. “While some students utilize the program to get a workout in, for many, it serves as a valuable social outlet and motivation to arrive at school on time. Power Hour allows students to connect with their peers. It fosters a sense of belonging, contributing to a positive school culture.” As Power Hour continues to evolve and impact students’ lives, it serves as a testament to Mason’s dedication and commitment to students and the school community. Through Mason’s work, students are empowered to embrace physical activity, explore their passions, and build a foundation for a healthy and successful future.