EL Program Student Features

Published July 2023

Meet Two Rivers students enrolled in the EL Program!

Engy Soliman
Class of 2023

Loves making little books to write goals in—and soccer!

About me: My name is Engy Soliman. I am 19 years old and I moved from Egypt to the U.S. when I was 15 years old. I speak English and Arabic and I am looking to learn more languages.

Favorite class at Two Rivers: Math.

Favorite part of the EL Program: Gathering with people that speak different languages and trying our best to understand each other. Also, having help from the teachers was so helpful during my high school.

Tell us about a teacher or staff member who has impacted you: I want to thank all the ESL teachers because they help us a lot in school work and help us improve our language. They helped make us more confident, feel safe, and gave us a supportive environment that made us grow and learn successfully.

Plans after Two Rivers: I will go to Saint Paul College, then transfer to the University of Minnesota. I am thinking of studying architecture, but I am not sure yet. I also want to travel around the world and go to most of the places I want to see.

Victor Feria
Class of 2026

Plays soccer every weekend with his dad. The original interview
was completed in Spanish.

About me: Hello, my name is Víctor Feria Ramirez. I am from Mexico, specifically from the state of Veracruz. I am 15 years old, and I live here in Minnesota with my father and my two brothers.

Favorite class and part of the EL Program: My favorite class is English because, in addition to being one of the most important subjects for me, it is a class that I enjoy. I am fascinated by the idea of being able to learn a new language, and my favorite part of this program is that I met students from other countries who, in the same way, are learning a new language, and it is interesting to be able to live with them because you learn about their culture, more about them and their country.

Tell us about a teacher or staff member who has impacted you: Personally, there are two teachers to whom I am very grateful for having helped not only me but also all my classmates— Mr. Kokila and Mr. Vernon. They have always been there for us at all times and are examples to follow. They are excellent teachers and very good friends.

Plans after Two Rivers: I plan to graduate to start a university career and become a surgeon.

Rena Legesse
Class of 2024

Plays soccer for the Two Rivers soccer team
and loves listening to music.

About me: My name is Rena Legesse, and I am from Ethiopia (Addis Ababa). I came to Minnesota last year and am in 11th grade at Two Rivers High School.

Favorite class at Two Rivers: My favorite class is ELL 3 because I learn a lot of new English. I want to improve my English, and the teacher is helping me with everything.

Tell us about a teacher or staff member who has impacted you: I just came last year, so my first year was scary because I didn’t know anyone, but my teachers, Mr. Vernon, Ms. Morgart, and Ms. Sáenz, really helped me learn many things about English. It has been hard for me, but they didn’t give up on me.

Advice for students new to the EL program: Don’t be scared to speak English and talk freely and confidently. If you don’t understand or are confused, ask the teachers—they are always there for you.

Plans after Two Rivers: I want to go to university to study nursing and help people.