Elyse Wood- School Resource Officer

Two Rivers Staff Spotlight - School Resource Officer Elyse Wood:

Elyse serves as our district-wide School Resource Officer (SRO) to help maintain a safe learning environment and to engage and grow relationships with our students and the community. She offices out of Two River High School, but serves the entire district.

Elyse is also the advisor for our Two Rivers Step Club! "Step dance is a style of dance in which footwork is considered to be the most important part of the dance." Elyse says, "I was approached by a former student to be the advisor for the club and couldn't pass on the opportunity to provide a space for these girls! We have a lot of fun!" Step Club usually starts with stretching and warm up/ freestyle dancing to music and then members work together to come up with more traditional step movements as a team. The club encourages movement and is currently just for fun, but they all hope to eventually perform at a Two River's pepfest or sporting event in the future!

Thanks for all you do SRO Wood!