Garlough Environmental Magnet
Logo: Garlough Environmental Magnet SchoolThanks to the support of voters, Garlough Environmental Magnet is in the process of making renovations and repairs to its facility.

Academic and Program Improvements

- Sitework - separate bus and parent drop-off 
- Handicapped accessibility improvements
- Rightsizing of kindergarten classrooms to meet guidelines
- Create 1st & 2nd grade additions, renovations and collaboration space 
- Create 3rd & 4th grade additions, renovations and collaboration space 
- Addition of conference room and staff and visitor restroom at entry 
- Addition/renovation to improve kitchen and serving area

 Building Maintenance Improvements
- Site improvements include drainage, landscape, concrete walks and paving 
- Exterior improvements include roofing, tuck pointing, sealants and roof access 
- Interior finishes include doors, toilet partitions, stage access and gym equipment 
- Mechanical improvements include plumbing upgrades
- Electrical improvements include lighting, public address system and fire alarm system

Design and Planning: June-December 2018
Construction - Exterior Additions: Late Spring-Summer 2019
Construction - Interior Renovations: Summer 2019
Completion: Late August 2019


Graphic: Garlough Floorplan identifying areas for building improvements

Brett Arnold
Dan Ernst
Susan Evans
Lisa Grathen
Anna Kalmi
Sheryl Kasella
Deborah Krohn
Amanda Lundmark
Jennifer Parker
Terri Petrasek
Rachel Quick
Kelli Simpson