Hispanic Heritage Month Event at Two Rivers

During Hispanic Heritage Month, around 30 English Learner (EL) Latino students engaged in meaningful discussions facilitated by Two Rivers Cultural Liaison Elizabeth Honorio-Arroyo. These conversations focused on exploring both the shared elements and unique aspects of their diverse Latino cultures, including traditions from Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Mexico, Ecuador, Honduras, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. Inspired by their discussions, students collaborated on ways to showcase their cultures to a broader audience within the school community.

The result was a Hispanic Heritage Month event featuring a potluck with homemade dishes and student-led presentations. Students crafted informative posters and prepared presentations on their home countries, sharing them with peers and guests, including Kim Rodrique's painting class. It was a great opportunity to share information and food across cultures and languages. The event, conducted mainly in Spanish, featured bilingual student leaders volunteering as interpreters to share information about each country in English. The success of this student-led initiative has sparked a desire among students and staff to make it an annual celebration, with hopes of incorporating dancing into next year's festivities.

Special thanks to our students for their leadership and community-building contributions!