I Love to Read Month in Our Schools!

A group of Two Rivers High School students visited Garlough Environmental Magnet School to kick off I Love to Read Month! The high school students visited with the elementary students, shared why they love reading, what their favorite books were when they were younger, and read some of their favorite stories. Our elementary students work hard on their reading skills every day with their teachers and families, so it's nice for them to hear about the importance of reading from older students who were once in their shoes. During the month of March, high school students will be visiting all of our elementary schools and many schools will host mystery readers!

Last week, I Love to Read School Spirit Week at Mendota Elementary School was full of surprise visits from mystery readers, snuggles and hugs from llamas and memories made with Two Rivers High School guest readers. Fairies, elves and gnomes read in a magical place that once was the library and of course there were mullets and mustaches and LOTS of reading!

Two Rivers High School students keep spreading the love of reading! Today, this group of students visited Somerset Elementary School to read their favorite books for I Love to Read month. Better yet—all of the high school students in this group are Somerset alums, returning to the place where their love of reading began.

Nearly 40 high school students were at Moreland this morning. Forty! And we heard from a Moreland educator that after reading, there was a mini-dance party, a lot of discussion about how reading can be hard but is so important, and what high school is all about. Thank you, students!**

Two Rivers High School students finished their Read Like a Warrior elementary school tour this morning by reading to Moreland Arts and Health Sciences Magnet School students. The age gap didn't stop these students from sharing a good book—and some friendly conversation. Special thanks to our high schoolers for waking up early and connecting with our youngest learners.