Mendota Elementary Honors Mary Jo Skemp's Legacy and Love of Reading

Mendota Elementary’s students and staff have been working on a collaborative project to honor the beloved Mary Jo Skemp. Her presence at Mendota was incredible, she truly loved teaching students to read.

Fourth grade teacher, Samantha Schiltz, who was instrumental on this project shares more, "Mrs. Skemp truly fostered the love for reading at Mendota. The opportunity to have students and their classroom community to share stories, memories and their love for reading was a big piece of this project. Students and staff wanted to honor Mrs. Skemp by dedicating "books" of memories, stories, and how we'll hold onto her memory. The books hanging in the hallway represent those memories and love for learning that Mrs. Skemp was such a big part of.”

"When you're just beginning to read, you're learning how to read. Once you've learned how to read, you're reading to learn." -Mrs. Skemp