Supporting Students Through Teamwork

We are so thankful to our school nurses who worked hard last month to coordinate two dental clinics to give nearly 100 students access to free dental work plus onsite dental education to our preschoolers. A special shout out to our Cultural Liaisons and Interpreters who regularly collaborate with our school staff, for their dedication to our families and helping make these clinics a success.

At Pilot Knob STEM Magnet School, Pilot Knob School Nurse Lynn Baggot and Translator/Interpreter Ybeth Jimenez and worked together through Give Kids a Smile to accommodate every student who requested dental services.

At Two Rivers High School, Two Rivers School Nurse Karen Leif, Translator/Interpreter Mary Pirela and Cultural Liaison Elizabeth Honorio-Arroyo worked together to hold their second annual on-site dental clinic this month, serving nearly 70 students.

The ISD 197 Early Learning & Family Resource Center hosted a preschool-focused dental clinic to introduce our youngest learners to dental health and what to expect during a dental exam. A special thanks to ELC School Nurse Debbie Lee for arranging the visit and Cultural Liaison Lily Garcia for providing extra support for our English learners.

Thanks also to our community partners and local dental professionals for making a difference in the lives of our students and contributing to life-long healthy habits.

Together, we thrive.