Tech Warriors - Now Live Streaming Sporting Events

Published February 2024

Student-service groups at Two Rivers High School have experienced a surge in popularity, boasting record-breaking participation numbers. These groups offer students opportunities to explore passions, acquire knowledge, and contribute meaningfully to our community. Among these groups, Tech Warriors deserves a shout out for their many contributions at Two Rivers—providing IT support and services to students, staff, and teachers; repairing Chromebooks; providing AV support for school events, sports, and concerts; and now live streaming sporting events.

The service group's member base grew from around 10-12  students last year to about 20 students this year. The students have been working hard on their new initiative—live streaming Two Rivers games on the Activities Department’s Youtube channel. This month, they have been very busy running test streams and plan to stream spring baseball, tennis and any other teams that are interested. Boys Swim & Dive has requested the streaming services for their finals this month. We checked in with two Tech Warriors — Abkem and Leyla — about the live streaming.

Abkem Yalemwork, shared that so far this year, “Our first test of the new way of livestreaming for the high school went good but we are still working out some problems like the scoreboard.” The goal is to have the dynamic scoreboard ready by spring season and they would like to stream as many teams and games as they can. Abkem is optimistic as he already has livestream experience. “Abkem has been instrumental in getting our live streaming system running,” shared club advisor Bill Troolin. “His dedication and technology skills have allowed the Tech Warriors to accomplish goals we have been working on for years.”



Leyla Fayoke has also been a leader in getting the filming system up and running. She just live streamed the boys varsity basketball game earlier this week. “We had two cameras on opposite sides of the basketball court and switched the camera to whatever side the players were closest to,” Leyla shared.  Bill Troolin credits Leyla for building the club member base and her willingness to step up. “Leyla has always been ready to help with any Tech Warrior projects,” shared Bill. “She recruited a number of her friends into the Tech Warriors and the program is better for it.”



The Tech Warriors are gearing up to take on new opportunities this spring season and are already planning for next school year on ways to effectively stream Track & Field. Thank you, Tech Warriors! #WarriorStrong

Tech Warrior club members volunteer at the ninth-grade orientation as students pick up their devices.

Local partner Town Square Television delivers camera donations to Tech Club Members on Two Rivers Campus.

Tech Warrior member repairs a non-working laptop for future use.