The Great ISD 197 Get-Together!

Earlier this week, we celebrated our amazing district team at a welcome-back staff celebration. Nearly 600 of our team members showed up on Warrior Field to help kick off the new school year, connect with colleagues, compete in a friendly team challenge, and take part in the largest staff picture in district history!

We also heard from eight students on the positive impact staff have made in their lives. Here’s some of what Georgia, Joaquin, LaRae, Luke, Maria, Mikaia, Nohami, and Sam shared:

  • "My teacher taught me that success wasn't solely about getting the right answer, but about the journey of discovery and the character we built along the way."
  • "Thank you to ALL the staff in the district, you leave your mark on every single kid, and what you do absolutely matters."
  • "Thank you for all you do. I appreciate that you see us when we may not even realize it or are even looking to be seen. I appreciate that you listen to us when we need to be heard. And I appreciate that you give us perspective even when we are not looking for it."

Special thanks to longtime community partner South Robert Street Business Association for generously providing the funds to make our staff celebration happen, along with the West St. Paul-Mendota Heights Rotary Club. We hope you share our excitement about the start of the new school year. Please join us in celebrating our dedicated, passionate staff who make a difference in our students’ lives every day.