Garlough "Together Day"

The District's American Indian Liaison visited Garlough students to talk about traditional Anishinaabe and Dakota activities during the fall season.

One day each quarter at Garlough, each grade gets together for a "Together Day," usually tied to the environmental magnet theme. This quarter's Together Day was structured around the Fall Equinox and traditional Anishinaabe and Dakota activities during the fall.

Students learned about the changes that people, plants, and animals experience throughout fall in preparation for winter. Our District's American Indian Cultural Liaison worked with Garlough's specialist teachers to teach about Anishinaabe and Dakota traditions, tools, and toys. Students learned about the processing of wild rice and were even able to try some that was harvested in the Leech Lake area, and there were many hands-on activities outdoors. A special thanks to Nell, our American Indian Cultural Liaison! #TogetherWeThrive