Warrior Spotlight: Linda Zurn

Meet Linda Zurn, a dedicated educator with over 30 years of experience enriching the lives of Two Rivers High School students. As a proud alum of Henry Sibley, Linda's passion for teaching extends across five courses, touching the lives of nearly 120 students each quarter.

At the helm of the Family Consumer Science (FCS) Department, Linda’s courses include interior design, clothing, culinary classes, and CIS Exploring the Teaching Profession—offering students field experience in our elementary schools while earning high school and college credit.

Another unique program Linda leads is the PlaySchool “Preschool” class, where Two Rivers Child Psychology students plan, teach, and observe local children in a preschool setting. This will be Linda’s 16th year with the program!

Linda began her career teaching Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) and Adult Basic Education with School District 197. She remembers when her department was called Home Economics when she started at the high school in 1998—now simply known as Family Consumer Science.

"I like the variety of the courses I teach,” Linda shares. “The content is always changing. An added bonus is that culinary, clothing design and interior design are all hobbies that I enjoy.”

What Linda loves most about her job is connecting with high school students and seeing the life skills they develop in her classes while striving to develop those key student-teacher relationships. She looks forward to the graduation ceremony every year, “Seeing the students receive their diplomas brings me joy.”

Outside of work, Linda enjoys traveling, gardening, sewing, cooking, genealogy, and adopting older golden retrievers!  

Up next in the FCS program, Linda hopes to continue offering new food courses utilizing the new commercial kitchen. Linda recently started a Cooking Club at the high school as an extracurricular club for students, per their request!

Thank you for everything you do for our students and school community, Linda!