Technology Equity Survey

Dear Parent or Guardian,

School District 197 in conjunction with the Minnesota Department of Education is conducting a survey to help ensure all students have the appropriate digital access for learning. Your responses to the survey will be recorded and submitted to the Minnesota Department of Education. We recognize that these questions may seem irrelevant as we provide devices for students, but we are asked to complete it as the state is looking to gather specific data from students/families. 

The information you provide in this survey will be reported to the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE). MDE may provide state- or school-level summary data—without personal, identifying information—to the Governor, legislators, agency staff and external partners who have established data sharing agreements and protocols. School District 197 will not share your personal, identifying information provided in this survey with others without your consent. 

During the week of October 9th, we will be sending guardians of students in Kindergarten through Grade 4 a short Google Form survey to complete on behalf of your student.  We ask that you complete the survey by October 13th. If you have multiple elementary students, please complete the Google Form once for each student. 

If you have middle school or high school students they will be completing this survey themselves during the week of October 9th. Although not required, we encourage participation in the survey. The survey will be emailed to your student’s school email address and will take less than 5 minutes to complete. You can view the survey questions here.  A spanish version of the survey question are available here. Although not required, we encourage participation in the survey.

We appreciate your support!