Online Payments (EduTrak)

Felicia Villagomez

High School Athletics and Activities
Dustin Boll

Middle School Athletics
Gloria Bicanich
Friendly Hills Athletics Secretary

Tania Leiva-Reyes
Heritage Administrative Assistant/Registrar

High School Parking Permits Main Office

Smartschool is now EduTrak.
EduTrak is an online system that gives parents and guardians the option to register and pay fees, submit forms and more. School District 197 began using EduTrak in the fall of 2020 and is continually working to expand the system to new programs within each school. Currently, EduTrak can be used for*:

  • Transportation
  • Athletics and Activities (High School and Middle School)
  • High School Parking Permits
  • High School Yearbook 
  • High School Classroom Materials
  • Standardized Test Fees
  • Official Transcripts

If you already have an account or need an account? Login to EduTrak here.

If you need assistance, or  login instructions visit the ISD 197 Activities Registration and Payment website here.
*Meal accounts are managed through MyPaymentsPlus.


Where do I pay online for student meals?
Online meal accounts are managed through MyPaymentsPlus. Parents and guardians will need to set up a new account and add their child(ren) on the MyPaymentsPlus website, however.

Where do I pay online for School-Age Care (SAC)?
School-Age Care online accounts are managed through ELEYO. If you already have an account or need an account? Login to ELEYO here

Will my credit card or bank information be secure when I make a payment online?
Epaytrak/Smartschool is PCI-compliant, giving you full protection of your payment and your student’s information. “PCI-compliant” is the highest security rating in the e-commerce industry.

How soon will my payment be added to my student’s account?
Your payment is verified immediately when you make it online. It is finalized in the EduTrak system within 24 hours and posted to your student’s account on the first business day following.

How will I know that the payment was accepted?
When the charge is authorized, an email verifying that the payment was processed is sent immediately to the email address you provided for your account. 

How can I see all the payments made to my student’s account?
You can see all payments made online or by cash or check to your student’s account for any range of dates by clicking on Payments History. 

I have more than one child in the school district. Can I make payments for all of them?
You can make payments for all your children who attend schools in the district. The payments you assign to each child’s account, along with the fee name, amount and due date, are detailed in the Account Summary.

What do I do if I forget my password?
Use the question prompts on the EduTrak login screen to recall your password. If this does not allow access, please contact a staff member listed to the left.

What do I do if my payment is declined?
If your payment is declined, verify that all the billing information is correct. If all information is correct and payment is still declined, contact the issuing credit card company for more information