Branch Out Transition Program


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High School Students, join our team this summer and make a difference! We are hiring. Check out the Summer Job Posting below or click here to view pdf.


Rachel Johnston
Special Education Coordinator

Susan McIntosh
Special Education Case Manager 
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Sam Alliegro
Special Education Case Manager 
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Nancy Coffeen
Work Coordinator

Sarah Elkin
School Psychologist

Jennifer Veenendall
Lead OT and AT Specialist

Christian Johnson
Tech Pro


Branch Out is individualized, student-driven programming focusing on the areas of transition for students with disabilities. Entrance into the Branch Out program is an IEP team decision, and students must meet the following criteria:

  • Have not graduated from high school
  • Are ages 18 to 21 years old
  • Have an Individual Education Plan (IEP)

Students and their IEP teams identify competencies for further growth in the three areas of transition:

  • Employment and job training
  • Independent Living
  • Post-Secondary Education


The Branch Out Transition Program promotes growth through:

  • Increasing self knowledge and advocacy: Learners work with trusted adults/peers to articulate personal strengths and challenges.
  • Providing learning opportunities through seminars: Representatives from various organizations speak to students on topics such as budgeting, banking, employment, transportation, community involvement, housing, etc
  • Creating community experiences: Students gather monthly for recreation and conversation.
  • Accessing education/job training opportunities: Plan (IEP) Formal learning experiences are offered to students as they explore vocational interests.


A young adult enters Branch Out with a graduation plan and an IEP that identifies skills needed to reach future goals. A program is designed to meet this individual’s requirements for graduation from high school based on transition needs. Completion of requirements for transition IEP goals can occur at any age.

The IEP team is expanded to assure that the youth is connected to community and career opportunities. Vocational rehabilitation services and Dakota County Social Service providers are included as team members to support self-determination, employment and independent living skills after graduation.

Summer Job Posting for High School Students