Counseling and Guidance

Each of School District 197’s eight schools has a counselor on staff to promote a proactive approach to positive and safe school environments. 

Elementary school counselors:

  • Provide needs assessments to monitor the needs of their school's student population and make program adjustments to support those needs.
  • Teach classroom guidance lessons to directly support goals related to school climate, testing/achievement, and the acceleration of excellence.
  • Offer individual counseling to support achievement and excellence goals by addressing barriers to learning.
  • Facilitate support groups to foster cultural assimilation.
  • Coordinate activities to ease the transition to Middle School.
  • Provide consultation and advocacy to make sure each student finds something in school that delights, inspires, excites, and motivates them to pursue excellence.
  • Advise student groups such as the Kindness Patrol, Peer Helpers, Kids’ Council and other extracurricular groups promote kindness and enhance the school experience.
  • Recruit volunteers to support the school community.
  • Conduct accountability and climate surveys within each building.
  • Analyze student discipline and conflict management issues and counselor success.

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The Counseling and Guidance services at Henry Sibley are designed to help students with academic, social/personal and career development. Counselors help students transition into high school and prepare them for a successful life after high school. Students can also access resources and receive assistance in the areas of:

  • Education Planning 
  • Career Planning 
  • Decision Making 
  • Academic Counseling 
  • Personal and Social Growth 
  • Individual or Small Group Counseling 
  • Parent and Teacher Consultations 
  • Referral Assistance to Other Programs 
  • Test Interpretation

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