New Operating Levy

Question 1 asks voters to invest in a new operating levy to help provide budget stability and maintain student and classroom support.

The additional funds will enable the district to maintain class sizes and instructional support, retain and attract the best teachers and staff, and avoid cuts to programs and services.

If this question were approved, property taxes would increase $153 per year for the average home in our area (around $12.75 per month).


More than 90% of Minnesota school districts—including School District 197—rely upon voter-approved funds to support student learning.  


Strong Schools. Secure Future. 

If voters approve the new operating levy, it would enable the district to:

  • Stabilize the budget in the face of continued inflation.
  • Maintain class sizes and instructional support.
  • Provide financial stability to continue our excellent academic programs and services for students.
  • Retain and attract the best teachers and staff.
  • Avoid cuts to programs, services and instructional support.

If voters do not approve the new operating levy, the district would need to:

  • Increase class sizes.
  • Cut programs and services.
  • Reduce staff.
  • Provide less support for students.

If the new operating levy does not pass, we would first reach out to the community for input on the specific adjustments.


Without additional action, the District’s fund balance will fall below 8% in three years—significantly impacting both current programs offered to students in our schools and programs, but also the district’s ability to respond to future needs.